gypsy tales photography

My name is Anastasia. I love to explore and I constantly change my mind. I love adventure and change of scenery. I am a wife and a Mama to three. I was born in Eastern Europe and moved to US when I was 15. Since then I have lived in Wisconsin, California, Florida, Hawaii and Washington.

Let's Chat!

I am originally from Eastern Europe, Baltic and who knows where Europe.
I have six chickens and three kitties.
I love coffee.
I can kick some ass if necessary.
I have an RV that I'd love to live in full time someday.
I think Yoga is the best medicine for anything.
I absolutely love campfires and camping.
I hear and smell the mountains calling.
I would go for a hike over a night out on the town any day.
I love dancing and playing ultimate frisbee.
I suck at Karaoke, but I'll have a blast doing it.
I am obsessed with making albums and cupcakes.
I grew a green thumb recently and only killed like three plants so far.

Why Photography?

Have you ever looked at a photo that comes up in your memories on Facebook that you didn't love seeing and reminiscing about? Yea, me neither! Have you looked at the photos from your childhood and wished you had more of you, or you and your siblings? you and yourMom or Dad? Yep, same here.

There's no photo not worth taking. Kids grow and change so fast, this is why documenting families is my absolute favorite!

But where did it all start? That's right, with your love story, which is why my second love in photography is capturing couples stories. Where it all began!



Where to begin?? Anastasia is beyond incredible. Her artistic eye for capturing amazing, natural & heart warming shots combined with her patience with working with even the most strong willed littles makes her, hands down, the best photographer I have ever had. She is fast with previews wonderful to work with. I’d recommend her a million times over