I don’t often do newborn photos anymore, but when I do…

Seriously, I miss owning a studio. I am considering reopening one this year, but for now, I am enjoying photographing in people’s homes. It is such a special time for the new parents. It’s a foggy but sacred time and I really cherish being invited to document it. I know heading to a studio for newborn photos can be a production, but inviting a stranger into your home can be tough too. New parents are always sleep deprived, a bit stressed and worried about how clean their house is for photos. I am here to tell you, we don’t need much (clean) space. We don’t even need a nursery. A few spots with nice light is all I ask for. Large windows and sheer curtains are the best.

I often get the question about including the furry babies in the photos. The answer is always yes. While photographing a pup can add extra stress, it’s not any more difficult than working with several toddlers! Just check out this sweet big brother below.

Finally look out for a possible studio in 2022 for this Monterey Newborn Photographer!