I have recently realized, that I have been privileged to photograph visitors from quite a variety of states. I will definitely make a post about travel session soon. I have also realized that a lot of people travel to Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur from all over California for different kinds of vacations. Since I specialize in Carmel Family Photography, I have had the pleasure of photographing families from Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, Valencia and many many other places in California. The winner for visitors from California is definitely Palo Alto and Bay Area in general.

I won’t flatter myself too much though, not even close to half of the travelers come this way to get photos done by me. Mostly, people have heard the beauty that is this rocky, moody, dramatic and beautiful coastline and they want to document their trip here. I am more than happy to oblige. While it can be a bit stressful to plan your photos while visiting, it’s so worth it. My top three tips are to book early, bring clothing to chose from, forget worrying about the weather. While rain happens, it’s quite rare around these parts, unlike the fog.

This gorgeous family won my only giveaway I have done since moving to the Monterey Area. They drove down from Sacramento area to capture these beautiful memories. We explored Carmel area and enjoyed the most beautiful sunny evening. I hope to see them again in the future. I do also travel around California and offer sessions. For example, check out this Lake Tahoe Family Session, or this Joshua Tree Engagement Session.

Carmel Family Photography
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