What goes into creating unique maternity photos that don’t look like everyone else’s? One word: Personalization.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a maternity photos, no doubt. But the key ingredient that’ll bring those pictures to life is whatever makes you … you!

This gorgeous couple, Tahnee and Sam, brought their impeccable personal style and beloved dogs to their Big Sur maternity shoot. And the result is photos that are unique to them and reflect who they are as a couple.

In this blog post, I’m sharing three tips on how to make your maternity photos feel personalized to you. A little planning really goes a long way. 

collage of maternity photos taken on beaches of Big Sur, CA taken by Gypsy Tales Photo
maternity photo of man and woman on large rocks of Big Sur beaches embracing in front of keyhole arch light

Embrace Your Personal Style for Maternity Photos

I love helping clients style their maternity photos, but with this session, Tahnee handled it like a pro all by herself! She has excellent taste and came prepared with several outfit changes that perfectly captured their boho and casual style.

Tahnee is a talented microblade tattoo artist, and Sam is a gifted musician. They’re both very chill, go-with-the-flow people who love nature, so a beach photoshoot just made sense for them. Their whole shoot felt freeing, and that’s because that’s who they are as a couple – very chill and go-with-the-flow people. 

So, when I say embrace your personal style, that goes for everything – what you wear, location, and even how you interact with each other.  

The key is to be as comfortable (and authentic) as possible. When you’re comfortable during your photoshoot, it’ll show in your final images. You’ll have to trust me on that one.

collage of maternity photos of man and woman on beaches of Big Sur taken by Gypsy Tales Photo
lifestyle maternity portrait of woman walking on beaches of Big Sur at sunset in jeans and open front white shirt
collage of maternity photos of woman taken on beaches of Big Sur, CA taken by Gypsy Tales Photo

Next up – setting the tone for your maternity photos with locations.

Include Favorite Locations and Focus on Connection

To make your maternity session truly unique, choose a location you really love and feel comfortable in. Big Sur is home to many gorgeous locations perfect for photos, so you really can’t go wrong if you choose a beach. But let’s take it a step further and think about how we can make your photos stand out and feel authentically you!

What do I mean by this?

Tahnee and Sam made their maternity session feel like them by changing their outfits a few times to mix up the vibe. But they also included their dogs in some photos, which was so much fun (I have a soft spot for pets). 

sunset maternity photo of a man, woman, and their two dogs on beaches of Big Sur

They were also super relaxed and trusted me to guide them through poses. This allowed them to focus on loving and connecting with each other and just enjoy their time together.

They had no preconceived ideas of “I want this exact pose.” Instead, they simply showed up, loved on each other, and had a great time. And their relaxation and love show in their final photos.

collage of maternity photos of man and woman on beaches of Big Sur taken by Gypsy Tales Photo
maternity photo at Pfeiffer Beach of man, woman and their two dogs at sunset on the beach. Big Sur maternity photographer
collage of maternity photos of man and woman taken on beaches of Big Sur, CA taken by Gypsy Tales Photo

Lastly, I encourage clients to think outside the box to create unique maternity photos.

Think Outside The Metaphorical Box for Maternity Photos

I gotta tell ya, I love when couples are on board for unconventional ideas for their maternity photos. I’m here for it in every session – whether it’s maternity, family, or even weddings!

In another maternity session (I’ll share soon, promise), we paid homage to the couples’ passion for surfing by including their surfboard! Seriously, how unique and cool is that? That’s the kind of thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking “outside the box” for your photoshoot.

Sometimes the most beautiful part of sessions is embracing the ordinary life you live.

Whether it’s cooking together at home or enjoying a cozy campfire with ‘smores, these kinds of photos bring it all back to the reason you want photos taken – to capture your family authentically, as you at this time in your lives.

For my family photos this year, I made sure we captured pictures of me and my kids doing yoga because that’s part of our daily life. I also wanted photos of my kids doing flips on the beach because they love doing that right now, and one day it’ll be a fond memory of their childhood spirit.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what you’ve seen in other people’s photos. Your family has something unique about them, and if you need help figuring that out, I’m happy to help you plan it.

maternity photo of brunette woman at Big Sur beach wearing jeans and open front white shirt
black and white maternity photo of woman on beaches at Big Sur, CA
collage of black and white images of maternity photos of woman wearing jeans and bralette on Big Sur beaches
maternity photo of couple embracing on Big Sur beaches in front of big rocks in water

Final Takeaways for Unique Maternity Photos

The three biggest takeaways for creating unique maternity photos are:

  • Include your personal style in your clothes.
  • Choose a meaningful location and focus on connections (not poses).
  • Think outside the box.

If you do these three things, your maternity photos will reflect exactly who you are. 

And before you sigh and say, “We don’t do anything super unique.” I’ll be the judge of that. 🙂 I love helping clients brainstorm ways to make their photos creative and unique.

If you’re interested in booking a session, shoot me a message here, and I’ll be in touch!

collage of maternity photos of man and woman taken on beaches of Big Sur, CA taken by Gypsy Tales Photo

Anastasia is the photographer and creative mind behind Gypsy Tales Photo. She’s a Big Sur maternity photographer based in Monterey, California.

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