I can’t wait to shoot pismo dunes photos again this month. I often hear how lucky I am to live in Monterey Bay in close proximity to Big Sur and all that it has to offer. It’s true, Big Sur’s beauty is unparalleled. I do however crave to see and shoot in different scenery. Taking a break from shooting in similar locations really helps bring back that creative spark.

Over the last month I have made it a point to explore San Luis Obispo area and I really love it. I really enjoyed hiking around Morro Bay and hunting for Sand Dollars. The family had some delicious seafood in the quaint little Morro Bay. We also spent a goof amount of time playing at Pismo Beach. The beaches just a bit South from Monterey Bay are so much flatter and more expansive!

I do think that taking Pismo Dunes photos was my favorite. There’s just nothing quite like it here. I still can’t believe how huge the dunes are and how fun it is to run around them. I will definitely post a personal blog with some photos we took of our own family exploring. For now, please enjoy these sweet images of the beautiful Nidia and two of her babies! Even better check out her beautiful earrings. My all time favorites are made by her and her talented older daughter.

pismo dunes photos mom and baby