I can’t say it enough, make your photography session feel like you! Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with me.

There’s a lot that goes into planning maternity photos. I can understand the pressure you might feel to plan, but the key ingredient that’ll bring those pictures to life is whatever makes you … you!

This beautiful couple, Mia and Danny, hired me to take their Monterey maternity photos when they were expecting their first baby. They brought me to one of their favorite spots they frequent on the coast. Danny is a surfer so we decided to incorporate that into the session. As a result we got photos that are unique to couple and reflect who they are.

In this blog post, I really want to encourage you to be inspired to think outside the box when planning your photo session and, of course, enjoy checking out this beautiful couple.

couple with a surfboard taking maternity photos on the beach
Monterey maternity photos with a surfboard

Choosing outfits for Maternity Photos

I love helping clients style their maternity photos. We agreed on two looks for Mia and Danny. First half was very casual, fun and carefree-feeling. The second outfit was one of my two-piece client closet gowns that show off the belly.

The two options were quite different from each other and really made it almost feel like two different sessions altogether. I think this is actually quite fun to get such different feeling images from the same one hour maternity photo session.

The key is to be as comfortable (and authentic) as possible in whatever you chose to wear. When you’re comfortable during your photoshoot, it’ll show in your final images. You’ll have to trust me on that one.

surfing couple on the beach for maternity photos

Where to take your Monterey Maternity Photos

I often encourage my clients to just scroll through my portfolio on social media to see which images speak to them most. What is it about the locations that draws them in? Once I know what like, we can make a plan and maybe even a back up plan for where to photograph your maternity photos.

I am lucky in that I have clients that trust me on choosing the right location for their desires and vision. Sometimes the final decision for where to take Monterey maternity photos comes down to checking the tide, wind and general weather forecast.

There are several locations that are just impossible to photograph when the wind is strong. Yes, there’s always some wind on the coast, but this is where being a local comes in handy. Wind is generally a good thing, adding some movement and mood to maternity photos. Gusts of 35 mph in certain spots is completely unbearable though.

It all comes down to open communication. You give me an idea of what you like and I work my butt off to make your vision come to life.

pregnant woman and her partner swinging on the beach
couple kissing by the beach with rocks in the distance

A few ideas for your maternity session

Here’s four ideas for unique maternity photos:

  • Do you enjoy a particular sport, hobby or activity together? Let’s do a session with your skateboard, on a pickle ball court, doing yoga, playing in the pool or the ocean, kayaking. Let me know!
  • Love food? How about we have a picnic with your favorite charcuterie items, or donuts, or cake or pizza, or tacos!
  • Feeling a certain vibe? Spooky Halloween photos? Mermaid? Barbie? You tell me.
  • Exploring a new town! Downtown Monterey photos exploring the coffee shops and having ice cream, eating clam chowder at the wharf, listening to the seals, feeding the birds.

If any of these sound fun to you, or you have your own ideas, please reach out! Feel free to check out this fun session that included two fur babies!

And before you sigh and say, “We don’t do anything super unique.” I’ll be the judge of that. 🙂 I love helping clients brainstorm ways to make their photos creative and unique.

If you’re interested in booking a session, shoot me a message here, and I’ll be in touch!

pregnant woman in a gown on the rocks at sunset in Monterey

Anastasia is the photographer and creative mind behind Gypsy Tales Photo. She’s a talented maternity photographer based in Monterey, California.

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